Holden vs ss t5 gearbox trouble?

matt1710, Mar 14, 2:09am
can anyone help i have just blown the teeth off the input shaft and same with the cog that runs off the bottom of it! Need to find parts or maybe another gearbox possibly yet would rather fix mine for as cheap as possible. cheers all advice would be most appreciated.

icemans1, Mar 14, 2:32am
advanced spares, avondale, auckland

fordguy17, Mar 14, 5:54am
Good luck. I had a Falcon V8 T5Z (the higher hp/tq version), i had to get the parts in from the states, and they weren't too cheap. I'm not sure about Holden/Chev T5's, but you may have to get a V8 specific input shaft and matching gears, as the Falcon T5's had different internals for 6/8. Sounds like you have blown 4th and also the cluster (bottom block of gears). Good news is, if you have a bearing puller and press, you can do it your self. I built mine up using an online manual. If you don't have a press, your local trans shop and press the bearings on for you and you do the rest. Either that or try and find a replacement.

matt1710, Mar 14, 6:04am
cheers guys especially fordguy as wanting to have a go at fixing myself as have access to a press etc,was pulling a good skid when it blew too as soon as i popped into 2 in blew ah lol

matt1710, Jul 26, 7:01pm
very simular i think ah!

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