Battery isolator switch?

attitudedesignz, Mar 18, 7:32am
Quick Q for the knowledgable.
Can i put an isolator switch between battery & starter motor!

The reason i ask is the young fella has a Hilux that he's doing up. He is going to have to park in a.umm shall we say 'not a great area' for his work for a week, he can't yet afford an alarm so was thinking the next best thing & a quick temporary solution would be one of those switches.

I have a switch (one of the ones with the red key) out of one of my old race cars and was thinking i could put it between the battery & starter under the this possible.
It's an '88 so doesn't have an electric fuel pump.

I know it won't "stop" a determined thief but it should slow them down enough.

Any ideas!


bigfatmat1, Mar 18, 7:34am
yes you can

sgrants, Mar 18, 7:35am
yep thats a good start! also wire up a flashing led between ign and ground so it flashes when key is off !

bigfatmat1, Mar 18, 7:41am
thats ign and batt + btw not ground

msigg, Mar 18, 7:42am
Yes, or you could intercept the wire to the solinoid, or if petrol intercept the 12volt to the coil 9easy to hide a small switch somwhere in the cab. lots of different ways.

jono2912, Mar 18, 7:45am
If its just for a week - Pull a few fuses.

socram, Mar 18, 7:16pm
I do both.

intrade, Aug 2, 9:45am
diesel you can umplug the silanoid and i wouldremove the battery for the week maybe ;)
wire unplug usually at wiring loom