Drum brake costs

wildcat1, Mar 18, 11:04am
Hi Im thinking about buying a toyota platz. the only thing thats putting me off this car are the rear drum brakes. I've never liked drum brakes but was wondering how much they cost to get repaired these days.

unclejake, Mar 18, 11:20am
Parts for drum brakes are usually cheap, which is why they were fitted to the car in the first place. Rear drums would not put me off buying any car.

hijacka, Mar 18, 11:26am
Makes me laugh when someone says ' they don't like that' but yet, they don't know anything about it.

wildcat1, Mar 18, 1:26pm
My first car had drum brakes and they were a headache to get fixed and expensive. so actually i do know some things about drum brakes

andy61, Mar 18, 8:12pm
The drum drums on the Vitz/Platz/Corolla very rarely ever give problems,the brake shoes from Toyota are not expensive .The only minor problem you may have is the handbrake adjuster may need resetting manually,as the auto adjuster doesnt work that well(On my 2001 Corolla I had to reset the handbrake adjustment (same set-up as Vitz)-its a simple job that take 5mins per side).

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