Brake flush - how often?

nztiger83, Jun 29, 6:11am
I put the car in the garage for a brake flush along with a few other jobs about 9k kms ago (3months ago).When it went in this week to another garage for some unrelated repairs, the garage mentioned that a brake flush should be done.

I have a suspicion that the first garage didnt do the brake flush as they messed up some of the other repairs, but of course it is impossible to tell if the garage actually did the work.

If they did complete the brake flush, would it need to be redone after 9k kms, to the extent the second garage recommends it be done!

Both garages are national chains.

jasongroves, Jun 29, 6:12am
Pitstop and Midas!.lol

morrisman1, Jun 29, 6:14am
I think every 3 years would be a reasonable time frame for a brake flush. More dependent on time than distance. A brake flush is one thing that very very few cars are treated to unfortunately and its not until an emergency situation arises that you will realize how much it was needed

nztiger83, Jun 29, 6:15am
Close, one of them is right.

franc123, Jun 29, 6:18am
Let me guess, the names of these national chain garages begin with either M or P, and they are specialists in brakes and exhaust work!If so nothing surprises me.The manufacturers general rule is 2 years/40K for brake fluid changes, but you'd be lucky if a couple of percent of all vehicles on the road get this treatment throughout their lives.Did the second place state how they came to the conclusion that the fluid needed changing!Was it based on appearance or did they test the fluid electronically to check the moisture content!

nztiger83, Jun 29, 6:33am
I had a 72 point check done, and it was written on the report that i received today.Have not had a chance to talk to them to ask why they think it needs doing.

If you say that the manufacturers recommend 40k, then I assume that the first garage didnt do the flush and i should go back to them and ask them to do it.

intrade, Jun 29, 6:52am
midas and pitstop are to be avoided like the plague. for good reason. you just found out why because they wreck the car and charge for stuff that was never done.

nztiger83, Jun 29, 8:16am
It was not either of these the supposedly did the brake flush.I have found midas and pitstop very helpful in the dealings i have had with them

pollymay, Jun 29, 8:25am
Every 3 years or so, I do it cause brake fluid is hygroscopic so will rust lines, pit calipers and all sorts if not done over time, working with a regularly flushed system is wonderful. I found using cheap dot 4 and flushing it regular to keep dry gave me better boiling points and braking than having good fluid in it but leaving it a while so it had water content cause the fresher fluid was closer to the dry boiling point.

johnf_456, Jun 29, 8:28am
Brake fluid is cheap at trade prices so I just do it every 2 to 3 years, as above it absorbs water and in extreme cases brake fade will result.

johnf_456, Jun 29, 10:37am
Totally its cheap to change and it could save your life.

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