Hilux sr5?

spoutman, Jun 29, 7:33am
hi all maybe a silly question im thinking a bout buying a sr5 hilus 4x4 4dr ute 08 only unsure if theres a difference in sr5'smany thanks

falcon15, Jun 29, 7:48am
do you mean is there a differance between a sr5 and a non sr5 hilux. the sr5 is a higher spec model. I am unsure what the differances would be in a 08 model but in the earlyer models the sr5 has cup holders, air con, chome mirrors, grill and clear indicators ect where the non sr5 doesnt

spoutman, Jun 29, 7:53am
hi was wondering if engines where different or something in sr5s

spoutman, Jun 29, 7:58am
384883489 is there anything different btween these too 377225016

spoutman, Jun 29, 9:56am
could someone please answer this

jmma, Aug 11, 6:19pm
The price, there answered