Loose gear stick 05 hilux!?

andrea_w, Jun 28, 7:05am
I can't say I know that model Hilux. but it could possibly be just a worn bush at the base of the shifter. which should be a very minor thing
Someone else may be able to shed a bit more light on this :)

mugenb20b, Jun 28, 7:15am
Listen to your wife.

junky1, Jun 28, 7:15am
yip it is the nylon bushes at base of shifter, cheap to replace

blackbnz, Jun 28, 7:20am
lol thanks guys and thanks mugen are these more modern trucks up to scratch will they last with high kor could i be heading to trouble!

blackbnz, Jun 28, 7:25am

mugenb20b, Jun 28, 7:26am
If it's the one with a common rail D4D motor, just walk away. The newer shape Hilux is much weaker in every aspect than the older model (1997-2003).

blackbnz, Jun 28, 7:28am
dam i thought that problem has been sorted

blackbnz, Jun 28, 7:29am
how can i tell which has common rail

mugenb20b, Jun 28, 7:33am
Possibly, but not for '05 models. To cut the long story short, injector seats and seals need replacing every 45 000kms, or you could risk major engine damage later on (150 000 to 200 000km). Injector pumps cost about $8000, and each aftermarket injector is $900 (X4).

mugenb20b, Jun 28, 7:34am
Is the intercooler sitting on top of the engine!

blackbnz, Jun 28, 7:36am
i really have no idea 387292569 this is the truck really unsure if im buying trouble

mugenb20b, Jun 28, 7:41am
That's the model I was thinking of. Some people may disagree with me, but in my experience, these are lemons. They are much "softer" than Hiluxes used to be. But, they are nice to drive and have good power.

blackbnz, Jun 28, 7:45am

mugenb20b, Jun 28, 7:51am
That doesn't mean you won't get a good run out of it, I'm just saying what I experienced. I work at a country based garage where 80% of the vehicles are 4wd utes. Common rail diesels are very sensitive to contaminated fuel, and Toyota's factory filter just isn't quite good enough. We change them every 6 months and each time, they are covered in crap and rusty residue.

blackbnz, Aug 5, 10:54pm
ok now im lost confused biting nails