Spark plug condition

jmma, Jun 27, 9:42am
Looks like you got your monies worth out of those ones (o:

mugenb20b, Jun 27, 9:45am
I can't tell, you need to take the picture square on with the plugs.

lugee, Jun 27, 10:21am
End on!

andrea_w, Jun 27, 10:26am
OP : Nope, lie the plug flat and take a pic from a birds eye view. Close enough to see detail on the tip of the plugs

andrea_w, Jun 27, 10:28am

snoopy221, Jun 27, 10:31am
mmkay why didncha use champion!
I.E bcp6erfs-11
is not really a late model (u) groved centre electrode plug for more effiecient combustion
like a bcpr6ey-11
(Oh and yeah ya had 1 crappier lead than the rest-and ya got ya miles outa dem.-IMO)
The ***top tip** with ngk's is to replace them at 8000 kilometres.
the extra fuel they will use between 8 and 10, 000 is phenomenal.

lugee, Jun 27, 11:22am
So not bad for an engine thats done 208,000km!

hrt, Jun 27, 11:58am
Well the plugs wont have done anywhere near that so the kms are irrelevant really. They don't even look overly worn from that pic.

8000kms Snoopy! As previously mentioned, most NGKs should do up to 40,000kms these days, Platinums and Iridiums 100+ depending on the engine and conditions