Help with gear box noise please.

jasongroves, Jun 23, 10:26am
Depends where the grinding noise is coming from.
If its the box itself, then the only band aid fix I could recommend would be Redline Shockproof from BNT etc.
Could be a mis-aligned clutch plate, worn synchros etc etc.
Possibly even ring gear.but I am quite pissed so take everything I say with a grain of salt;)

jamstew, Jun 23, 10:27am
yeah what he said ^^

monzaman, Jun 23, 11:01am
G/boxor transfer box bearing(s) if only under load,can't be ring gear or syncros or miss-aligned cl plate

monzaman, Jun 23, 11:38am
replacement but get it diagnosed by a good mechanic first.

jono2912, Jun 24, 12:10am
My 91 camry does the same. Kinda ignored it. :P

thunderbolt, Jun 24, 1:13am
My first thought was release (thrust) bearing!

elect70, Jun 24, 1:26am
Input shaft bearing, its takes most of the load, its box out & partial disassembly ,to replaceif it was the clutchthrust it would be worse when depress the clutch .

jsbike, Jun 24, 3:30am
input bearing!

ceebee2, Jun 24, 3:37am
Most likely a clutch thrust bearing. If it were an input shaft bearing you can test for wear by loading engine up in third gear steep grade. Dont let it rev but load in low revs in third. If you hear the same noise it is the first motion shaft bearing. Require gearbox removal.

If its only when depressing clutch I would not worry too much as it is rare for them to fall to bits.

jsbike, Jun 24, 3:50am
doesnt a stuffed thrust bearing make noise with the clutch pressed down and stoppes then you let the clutch out! input shaft does opposite!

richardmayes, Jul 20, 3:07pm
All the noisy clutch thrusts I've known have been noisy whenever the clutch is in, (regardless of whether you are in gear or in neutral) and the noise stops while you have the clutch pushed out.But then, none of these have been FWD Toyotas!

We are told this noise is not present at idle while stationary, so could it be a countershaft or output shaft bearing!