Spark plug gap.

koriemouse, Jun 19, 9:29pm
Just changing spark plugs in wifes car, Ford Telstar 1997 2.0 L 16 valve twin cam. Anyone know correct spark plug gap setting! cheers

intrade, Jun 19, 9:30pm
usually new plug is set to correct gap. i would fit irridium ngk plugs 75000km live span and they cant be changed at plug gap anyhow these . just need correct plugs also the sales person of sparkplug can tell you the correct gap or confirm that they are set to what yours needs to be.

jhwjhw, Jun 19, 9:44pm
Yes, but take it to another garage for a tuneup, more than likely the irridium plugs will be thrown out and a new set of Champions to take their place, well before replacement.
I know we did it, its a matter of course for most mechanics to replace plugs with a tuneup, sometimes at a service as well.
So, your fancy, pricy plugs will likely be in the bin well before they are due.

cuda.340, Jun 19, 9:48pm
this would depend on the application. my plugs always seem to be 0.025 gap out of the box & i need 0.045. i'm using Autolite AR plugs.

sue344, Jun 19, 9:48pm
we used to set em at with a hacksaw blade for the mark2

mugenb20b, Jun 19, 10:07pm

sue344, Jun 19, 10:46pm
and if you had an hei you open em up to a 2hacksaw blade width

sue344, Jun 19, 10:52pm
high energy ignition, electronic dizzy
probably more for chevy v8's etc

rpvr, Jul 3, 3:04am
Maori as well, as in hei-tiki.also means Hello in did we get here from spark plugs!