HQ suspension into bedford jumbo

jezz43, Jun 13, 9:38am
i emailed all available contacts on that website twice and no one replies. its been 3 weeks so im looking elsewhere. someone here should know something, im tired of waiting,

jezz43, Jun 13, 9:54am
my old man works for NZ safety, he got me some fire proof blanket type stuff which i glued to the inner walls, then i glued some insulation stuff thats tinfoil one side and wool on the other. its like roofing insulation i think. works well tho and was quite a cheap process

solarboy, Jun 13, 10:57am
I had a Bedford Jumbo years ago running a 302 Windsor V8 and auto trans and never had any problem with lack of brakes which were just the standard Bedford boosted drums all round.Depends on what you're carrying in it of course but they're designed to stop a fair weght.Only moment I had was locking up the rear wheels ( empty ) and putting it sideways when a pedestrian walked out onto a crossing when I was metres away

jezz43, Jun 13, 6:45pm
seems to be alot dryer and warmer. it doesnt look that flash, but it will be covered with the interior soon.

thanks sr2, just what i was looking for

jezz43, Jun 11, 6:16pm
il get some pics as soon as i can, gota buy a camera this weekend if i get a chance, turns out i will have to rebuild the drivers side pillar and hinge area as its rusted out and hidden quite well with bog .