Ss commodore ls1 5.7 manual

boat3, Jun 9, 9:59am
2000 mod vt 2!.anything to look out for with these at 217,000 km,is a 6 speed manual,have been offered one,has computer re map done,bigbore,aftermarket suspension ect,not looking for ford vs holden,just people with experience with them to comment on any faults at these sort of k`s,cheers

vtecintegra, Jun 9, 10:04am
Should be pretty solid, they made squillions of the things for the US market.

Watch for any weird noises when cold, and be aware the gearbox wasn't exactly pleasant to use even when new.Aside from that check for the normal Commodore suspension and build quality issues.

wellabolla, Jun 9, 10:21am
pop out the drivers side amber reflector/indicator on the front guard.A run of the V.Ts weren't sealed properly as the machine ran out of sealant and it wasn't noticed
Heavy rust and corrosion build up is common but you need a torch to see down there
As far as i'm aware Holden are still fixing them under there insurances
Check for leaky power steering pump,If its leaking and looks like it has been for a while you could be up for a new alternator
Ask about the O2 sensors (headers both sides) there common to fail
B.C.M (body control module) which is apart of the security system gives a little greaf.Make sure it stays running the instant the key is released
Make sure if the diff has been serviced that the GENUINE holden L.S.D additive has been added.the diffs don't lock properly and make all sorts of noises if any other product is added
Otherwise there a good car .lol

mbikeman1, Jun 9, 10:23am
have a good look under neath for chasis rust,ive found usally under the rear end around the rails theres often bubbley bits.water gets in there somehow and cant get out.i was told to check around the bottom of the firewall/rails but havent come accross any that have had problems there yet.

guider1, Jun 9, 10:46am
If you want to know everything about them, faults or otherwise; call Gary at Drury Car Spares. He's been wrecking them for years & knows everything about them that there is to know (what to look for, where to look etc). I'm sure he'll oblige if asked nicely.

franc123, Jun 9, 10:59am
Have seen a couple of those Gen3 V8's with bad oil leaks around the rear of the engine, from rear main seals/rear sump area and the cover plate on the rear of the block that the seal sits in, although if memory serves they were VY's.Pulling the gearbox out of one of those things to fix it is more difficult than you'd think, but at least its easier than removing an auto out of one.

vjregal770, May 25, 2:07am
They chew through rear tyres due to the half-arsed job Holden did in using Opel's IRS. Brakes were never brilliant. The LS1 had a reputation as a piston-slapping, oil-burner with a piss-weak valvetrain (though in saying that, any real problems should have been ironed out with any of that vintage ('98-'03) still around. Hopefully.)The auto seems tough enough but is a clunky bugger of a thing.

Like vtecintegra says, watch for all the other usual Holden build quality issues. As much as it pains this old-school Holden nut to say it, they are a great car ruined by who-gives-a-shit build quality. (Falcons are the same too BTW.)