Koni front suspension question

rotormotor7, Jun 7, 1:56am
ok have a full set of old school koni adjustable dampening suspension for RX7.

rears middle shaft pushes in and springs back out just fine of shaft body

fronts however push in with audible "air bubbles" escaping i imagine past the internal seals and they do not spring back out and remain largely where you leave them.

i would think they would behave like the rears and spring back out so suspect are stuffed.



bill-robinson, Jun 7, 3:00am
Phone George Stocks on 09 270 7218 and speak to them. Have the part numbers off the shocks when you call.

rotormotor7, Jun 7, 3:05am
asked on a forum ~ oil fronts/gas rears hence discrepincies. front springs hold the shaft out and no leaks so 'should' be sweet to use.or can be rebuilt apparently.pretty old though.

looking to sell 'em hence the question.i dont sell busted stuff :)

saki, Jun 7, 3:20am
They have been lying on there side and need to be held vetically and primed close and extend until no bubbles.

laneyjan, Jun 7, 3:48am
some are single action and some are double action

clark20, May 18, 10:57am
Stocks have a shock tester so you could sell them with a graph.