4m40 mitsi motor faults

sc, May 29, 7:43am
Am looking a mid 90's paj with a 4m40 2.8 turbo , I hear these things are ticking time bombs in the engine department, does anyone know what fails on them ! (cause and effect)

mugenb20b, May 29, 8:28am
They seem to be OK as long as they are serviced and looked after. I've seen one with scored bores due to over heating, and crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) falling apart at 330 000kms. I would avoid buying the vehicle if I saw any old oil stains around the intercooler and turbo charger hoses, basically any oil in the air intake system. Old diesels are not something I'd be keen on, unless it's not turbo charged and has cast iron heads.

intrade, May 29, 9:19am
build quality is pi$$ poor for one casting flaking off on inside dropping chafings from poorly casted alloy in to the sump can block your oil gallerie .to be added to the list .

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