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pollymay, May 23, 9:39am
Alright so the VN SS has shocking brakes and I'm going to boil them at this rate, two good stops and they are smoking without even pushing it. So I've been reading round about a VT brake upgrade, are the V6 and V8 VT front calipers/rotors the same or are the SS ones bigger! I'm really noob when it comes to holden cause I've worked on toyotas for 8 years and have yet to tear apart a holden.

I'm looking at allsorts of brakes from skyline 4 pots to rx7 4 pots but the VT seems to be bolt on with just some shims which is nice but I know nothing about them.

unclejake, May 23, 9:41am
I think Les Hunter Autos (in CHCH) does a kit for the VN. It might be worth a Google.

Les is pretty onto it with performancebrakes and customer service

unclejake, May 23, 9:43am

guider1, May 23, 9:48am
V6 & V8 VT brakes are the same unless it has the premium brake package, ie HSV R8 etc.
To be honest, & speaking from 15yrs experience of working on & modifying Commodores, just fit Skyline 4 pot calipers.
The other thing they suffer from is a weak firewall. Lift the bonnet & get someone to push the brake pedal down hard, you'll see how much movement there is in the booster. Firewall flex. if you want to really get into it then remove the booster & get a plate welded onto the firewall around the booster mounts then make a stronger master cylinder mount (the bracket on the end of the master cylinder that goes to the strut tower).
To be honest though, I have Group A brakes on my VP & they're mint. 330mm front rotors. I can slow it down from 200+kph all day through windy roads & it doesnt suffer brake fade.
Pad choice has a lot to do with it too; you may find it has basic Silverline pads in it or another cheap 'non performance' brand. Also get a higher boiling point fluid, it helps a bit.

pollymay, May 23, 9:52am
Thanks guider I didn't know about that flex, I'll have to get the welder out later on, group A bits are a bit hard to come by and are a fortune when they do usually. Forest and tow season starts fairly soon so it gives less than optimal browsing time for good brakes. The pads are cheap and do fade fast but for round town they are soft so I'm good for now until I explore options, no good spending $250 on pads then change the calipers and rotor after 2 weeks.

jkm, May 23, 6:52pm
The VT calipers are 2 pot and can be quite cheap here on trade me ($200) The VT rotors dont fit the VN but if your SS has 296mm rotorsthere is only a couple of mm difference, so i am guessing you can keep the same rotors!. Then fit some 1344 police spec pads to the VT calipers ( larger pads) and you have a good upgrade for minimum bucks.
A great reference site to google is just commodores, has answers and how to, on every commodore.

jkm, May 23, 7:02pm
Jsut checked, I see the VT rotors are 296mm x 28 mm and the VN/VP SS should be 290 x 22. The thickness could be the issue. The VN has the bearing hub included the VT doesnt.

jkm, May 23, 7:07pm

patiki1, May 23, 7:53pm
Do the wilwood 4 pots,and 330x28 rotors.Les Hunter sells the brackets for them.I have that combo on my vl.

guider1, May 24, 11:50pm
To fit a VT rotor you need a custom hub.
pollymay. you can buy the 330mm Group A rotors from BNT, Repco or any one that sells brakes. I was lucky & got my hands on a genuine setup but when I replaced the rotors I bought them from Znoelli in Manukau because at that stage they were the only ones who made a left & right slotted rotor. I've rung Les Hunter in the past & found his prices to be over the top. I could get them for you cheaper than he'd sell them to you. I have friends in the importing business who have Wilwoods on the shelf.
Just a thought for you.

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