A few questions about adjustable suspension

vinbeazil, May 23, 10:36pm
Hi there. I am hoping someone in here can help me, as I don't know a lot about cars.

I have just got back from the mechanic and it looks like we need to have our suspension completely rebuilt, something about bearings and there being some play! The guy said it wasn't going to be cheap and that it may have to be sent away to have the work done as not many people in our area know much about the brand of suspension we have (Im not even sure what the brand is, maybe I should have asked!)

What I would like to know is what a complete re build of adjustable springs involves and roughly how much am I looking at having to spend (more or less than $1000 would be a good start). Also would it be cheaper/easier to have the suspension replaced rather then repairing what we have! And to do this with new adjustables, would we have to have it re certified! I understand if we were going to put standard springs back in we would have to go through the certification process again. The husband will no doubt still want the car to remain at the height its at now, could we still get this with standard springs!

Any info you can give me would be great. This car is rather confusing, I wish we still had something standard. Thanks

ct9a, May 23, 10:43pm
what brand are they!

can rebuild them cheepish,but if shafts worn looking around $450 a shock

vinbeazil, Mar 26, 1:15pm
I have no idea, I should have asked while I was there. They were what the car came with. I know for sure the front left needs to be done but not sure about the others. Is it better to get the whole lot done at once!