'96 presea wont come out of park with brake on?

tmskilling, May 21, 4:44am
any suggestions please! i have no idea!. my son lives 5hrs away and has just phoned with this problem. cheers.

lookoutas, May 21, 4:59am
Blown brake light fuse.

tmskilling, May 21, 5:06am
thanks for suggestions. brake lights all working fine. he cant see any red button!

doug207, May 21, 6:03am
Didn't they have the key lock by the shifter!

tmskilling, May 21, 6:25am
what would the key lock look like!

bigracket, May 21, 6:30am
umlike a key hole, just down on the centre console by the shifter.

bigracket, May 21, 6:31am
if there is a red button its a little red bit of plastic right at the base of the shifter.

vtecintegra, May 21, 7:56am
I don't think the button is red on those.Its the one labelled 'Shift Lock', should be directly above 'P'

tmskilling, May 21, 8:01am
thanks, will text through the suggestions.

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