Truck steering problem

kob, May 14, 11:50pm
I have a 3 year old scania 8x4,since new i have had a promlem with it having a bad kick thru the Steering wheel. I've tried eveything from wheel alignments, wheel balancing, heavy duty shocks, new idler arm's to no avail.Has anyone else had this or similiar problems

net_oz, May 15, 12:04am
What do the Scania dealers say!

ct9a, May 15, 12:06am
correct tyres fitted!
is that dual steering!

kob, May 15, 12:37am
they have been involed and we have tried afew things. such as planned the 2nd steer block down so both axles are sharing the same load, resetting the dampers inside the steering box itself, tried a hole array of tire's from michelin to the bridgestone i have on currently. each thing we try alter's the feel but the kick or bump steer as it's knowen seems to still be there

kob, May 15, 12:40am
yes think so, i've tried michelins right thru to the bridgestones i have on now. also run new tires on the front steerers no retreads. yes dual sterer

petermcg, May 15, 12:53am

skinhead88, May 15, 1:40am
its cos its a scania, sell it and buy a kenworth

kob, May 15, 2:26am
you could be right. yes am looking at that option

big.b-lil.c, May 15, 6:25am
i seam to recall someone telling me left and right hand drive trucks have the front beam axle cambered (!) differently but the memory is foggy, perhaps it has one or two lhd beam axles fitted. stranger things have happened. perhaps measure across from lh rear to rh front and rh rear to lh front to make sure its all square. do others of this model have the same problem! scania are usually a very good truck.

chris_051, May 15, 6:45am
trading a Scania for a KW, you need ya head read lol. A bit of wheel kickback will be the last of your worries. If anything get a Volvo.
As for the steering kick back I've found this typical of all twin steers, especially the shit heap jappas. Have you driven another twin steer Scania to compare, or has the problem progressively got worse!

poppajn, May 15, 8:59am
If it,s 3 years old it,ll be due to shit the gearbox anyway, but to trade for a Mack with a pop rivet cab (sorry KW) would be a backward move, stay Euro

miz_kati, May 15, 9:04am
my hubby had a similar problem with 2 of the freightliners he drove but they were both 3 axle tractor units. the problem was eased somewhat in one of them by blowing brake dust out of the drums

skinhead88, May 15, 9:09am
i will take any KW over any Scania any day, yes the euros have comfort but I like real motors and real gear boxes. I like driving my trucks not letting my truck drive me.

chris_051, May 15, 10:35am
Nothing wrong with the 14spd syncro manuals in Volvo or Sania. I personally prefer 18spd but at the end of the day I'm not gonna fuck my back driving a rough American rig when a 16 litre Volvo wil pull just as hard with 10 times the comfort, build quality and design.

berg, May 15, 7:37pm
Saw one on friday that had the same issue. They had fixed it by putting a steering damper on the tie rod with the other end anchored on the axle.
We used to do the same thing with smaller Isuzus depending on things like tyre size and wheelbase as they could go into steering spasm.

nufix72, May 15, 9:33pm
That link sounds scary f**k having no steering, would be worst case scenario
one would hope.

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