Please be gentle - Motor vehile register problem

raine06, May 15, 1:00am
DP bought a vehicle a few months backand today he received a letter saying:

"We have recently received notification that your vehicle registration plate ****** has been sold or disposed of. The motor vehicle register has been updated to confirm that you are no longer registered in respect of this vehicle"

andy61, May 15, 1:02am
Where did DP bring his vehicle to! or did he buy(bought) his vehicle.

raine06, May 15, 1:05am
Omg lol I didn't even notice that typo!

fordluva, May 15, 1:05am
as also stated on the letter, contact them if its a mistake, which it could be, however they also send that letter to both parties (which can be confusing) when the ownership is changed if the sellers or buyers part is not filled out, how long ago did the ownership get changed over! Im guessing it was done but only recently and the seller has not done their bit, hence the letter, ring them if you are uncertain to make sure its in the correct name.

raine06, May 15, 1:10am
The ownership was changed about 2 months back, Dp will be ringing them on Monday and see what is going on.

Nothing will happen if he gets pulled over will it! (I am just being a worry wart)

raine06, May 15, 1:11am
Thank you kaz, no it wasn't bought from a dealer, ahhhh I see the 0800 number, I will get him to call them now!

sandypheet, May 15, 3:32am
Same thing has happened to me,I bought the car in Penrose and walked a few paces from the dealer to the AA branch,in the same building,did the change of ownership before even leaving with the car.It must be right as I recieved a registration notice a couple of weeks after purchase.I dont know what it is all about so I have ignored it.

raine06, May 15, 5:18am
Thanks kazbanz, Dp tried calling today, but no one will be there until Monday, so Dp will be calling first thing Monday morning 8] Hopefully it will just be a minor error 8]

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