Vx r8 brake rotors size?

nz2293, May 15, 1:30am
any 1 know the size of them from factory need to buy a new set

hoarder635, May 15, 2:43am
most v8 vx commies use around a 310mm rotor which will prob run you around $250 each

hsv R8s generally use the largeer 330mm rotor that are over $1000 each

if this is the case its cheaper to get two piece rotors from 0800racebrakes
they will run you about $700 each first time for rotor and center hat
then only about $250 per rotor replacement after that

skully13, May 15, 4:36am
Depends on what type are fitted. The performance ones (Standard fitment on the R8 I think) 330mm x 32mm front 315mm x 18mm rear or Premium ones with 4 piston calipers 343mm x 32 and 315 x 18. Pretty sure the standard clubsport ran standard commodore brakes 296mm x28mm.look up DBA, RDA they all sell/make them.

clark20, May 15, 4:36am

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