Brake failure am I liable for collision?

zapper, May 12, 2:02am
hi I was driving down the road and put my brakes on at the stop light the brake pedal when to the floor I have had no problemwith the brakes before and had a new warrant
the brake solenoid had collapsed and crash into the back of another car
am Iliable for this collision!

ginga4lyfe, May 12, 2:08am
yep you are, thats why i dont like alot of NZ'ers driving aswell they wait to the last second to brake, and brake hard, they assume their brakes are always in top condition then when a general failure occurs they look to blame others; now in the future if you see traffic slowing start slowing a mile away atleased if you find out the brakes arnt working you can always engine brake or use the hand brake

321mat, May 12, 2:34am
Short answer:Yes.

zapper, May 12, 2:36am
who said it happen in gore when a vehicle can move anywhere in new zealand
it happen in Dunedin

lk104, May 12, 2:45am
Who do you think should be liable for the collision!

therafter1, May 12, 3:11am
God . cause the first thought that entered his head was probably 'good god' lol . only on this occasion (like all other occasions) god wasn??

sw20, May 12, 5:08am
Who else is there to blame!

m16d, May 12, 5:10am fail.

johnf_456, May 12, 5:11am
Wind up

bitsy_boffin, May 12, 5:22am
WOF has nothing to do with it.

For sake of argument, take insurance companies out of the picture, imagine neither party is insured.

Also for sake of argument, imagine the parties are switched, you are the one who got run into they are the one with the brake failure.

Who do you now say should pay, you who got hit, or they who hit you!

richardmayes, May 12, 6:59am
Of course the owner of the stationary car that you hit should pay.

It is a privilege to be rear-ended by you. That privilege needs to be paid for.

afer_daily, May 12, 7:40am
maybe not you / if you can prove that the car was well maintained and the failure was unforseen , then maybe an act of god !

afer_daily, May 12, 7:42am
then again if it is a shitter with no WOF you are stuffed.

net_oz, May 12, 7:59am
What a dumbarse. You were either going too fast or not keeping the appropriate space between you and the other vehicle. Another possibility i you were on drugs. Only you are responsible so face up to the fact.

loonee-dial-111, May 12, 8:38am
No, it's clearly the fault of the driver of the car that you crashed into. They should have accelerated when you failed to stop to avoid the collision.

johnf_456, May 12, 9:11am
You can see why insurance costs so much now days.

mugenb20b, May 12, 9:14am
I thought that was quite funny.

crzyhrse, May 12, 9:34am
To be fair, wouldn't you be if you had to live in Gore!

carkitter, May 12, 9:38am
I thought the reason insurance 'costs so much these days' is because of earthquakes, tsunami's and tornadoes!

johnf_456, May 12, 9:38am

johnf_456, May 12, 9:39am
That to, but as you know everyone pays for the odd moron that abuses insurance on things that should just not happen through stupidity / abusing that not happen.

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