Battery Question?. Ok i only drive my runabout 2 or 3 times a week so ruined the battery on my last car then bought a new one 6m

raerae79, May 10, 3:09am
Ok I only drive my runabout 2 or 3 times a week so ruined the battery on my last car, then bought a new one 6months ago and now ruined battery on that.Im going to buy a new one tomorrow BUT how can I avoid doing this again!It doesnt have an alarm its just a 93 corolla!

msigg, May 10, 6:21am
You probably need to trickle charge it if its not charging up enough all the time.

intrade, May 10, 6:40am
and you need to buy a battery with a 24 month or 36 month warranty not some crap from ripco with 6 month warreanty.

intrade, May 10, 6:41am
also get the car tested if it draws power when its turned off by a electrition.

40wav, May 10, 6:55am
Why would it be different if it was turned off by an electician, as opposed to a normal, unqualified person.!

johnf_456, May 10, 7:08am
Yes but also be aware that generally most cars will not allow power the cigarette plug when the ignition is off.

intrade, May 10, 7:09am
na i mean the electrition is to mesure if the car has a short and uses up the battery while its not in use .

gilligan2, May 10, 7:10am
doesn't it draw power from the sun!

intrade, May 10, 7:13am
yes but where is it going to put it! not in the battery of the car if the cigarett lighter is not connected to the car battery while there is no key in the ignition. Think buddy think.

sr2, May 10, 7:28am
I'd be surprised that a car that was used 2-3 times a week would be killing batteries; many of us have weekend cars and have good battery life. I'd be looking for leakage problem if you're ending up with a flat battery on a regular basis otherwise overcharging issues could be a possible cause. If you have access to a multi meter we could talk you through some basic diagnostics.

willz29, May 10, 7:31am
I recently bought a Ctek 4003 charger, as my wife's car had the same kind of issue. Its brilliant. Don't throw away the battery you have as a good ctek should be able to charge it up and recondition the battery for you.

johnf_456, May 10, 7:38am
My thoughts also

gammelvind, May 10, 8:54am
Is there a light on somewhere, glovebox, boot, underbonnet. Radio not switching off. Just a little list of obvious things.

40wav, May 10, 9:06am
I know mate, just pullin the piss.

sr2, May 10, 9:50am
I'd still like to know from the OP if the battery was ending up flat on a regular basis!

raerae79, Feb 5, 6:19am
thanks so much for all your answers.My dad has taken my battery home and is going to charge it on the charger so its charged right up and he cleaned up the connections which were all dirty and a little loose so will hopefully in a couple of days see if this has worked!