Brake Pedal goes right to the floor

trader127, May 9, 5:49am
in the ol 84 honda city turbo 2! What are the factors that can cause this!
- replacement master cylinder!
-air pockets in brake lines!
-leaky brake lines!

How can I go and remedy this!

morrisman1, May 9, 5:51am
are you losing fluid! If not then i suspect
~ Air in the brake lines (can usually pump the brakes hard if you pump quickly if that is the case)
~ Master cylinder cup seal leaking

johnf_456, May 9, 5:53am
Master cylinder, air leaks, check the basics inspect each wheel for wet patches on a dry car.

morrisman1, May 9, 5:55am
When setting up the brakes on a morris minor I couldnt for the life of me find why the brakes wouldnt go hard. Brand new master cylinder and booster, new lines, everything was sweet as.

In the end I worked it out to be the calipers were on the wrong side and the bleed nipple was on the bottom instead of the top! Meant the calipers were full of air (but none came out while bleeding). Was good as gold after that.

intrade, May 9, 5:58am
you posted it all if there is no obvious leaking then its likely the master cilinder leaking inside collecting fluid in the brake booster.

trader127, May 9, 6:02am
sweet, did you have to look for the specific morris minor master cylinder and stuff, or are most master cylinders universal! Parts for this car are really hard to find and I dont know if I need the original honda city cylinder!

a18a, May 9, 6:05am
you should be able to just use a master cylinder off a more common honda, just make sure it's the same size

trader127, May 9, 6:09am
Phew thats a relief, finding carpet for it is hard enough hahaha!

morrisman1, May 9, 6:19am
the master cylinder should be able to be reconditioned as long as you can buy a kit for it. Ive only ever done morry ones but they are about $250 to recondition with a stainless steel sleeve. Would be lots cheaper if you just hone the existing bore.

I know someone who selling a couple city turbos, they are turbo 1 not 2.

trader127, May 9, 6:20am
Oh really! Do they have listings up on here! I do need a coupla generic parts too haha

trader127, May 9, 6:21am
mm yeah I think a kit is really hard to get, I might try and get it done for me and see if a honda cylinder of the same size would fit!

morrisman1, May 9, 6:33am
I think he is wanting to part with the cars as a bulk deal, it was a project which mostly went ahead but he didn't have sufficient mechanical knowledge at his disposal. If you are interested then I can get you in contact.

trader127, May 9, 6:50am
Oh that would be brilliant yes please :)

m16d, May 9, 6:50am
morrisman1 wrote:
When setting up the brakes on a morris minor

Crikey, I've owned a fewMorris Minor's in my time but I've never seen one with discs or a booster. Did I miss something.!

lookoutas, May 9, 6:55am
Can you pump the peddle up!
If so, and it feels a little spongy, there's air in the line.
If it does pump up, hold pressure on the peddle and see if it slowly goes to the floor.
If that happens, you've either got a leak (which you should've already seen) or the master cylinder is stuffed.
If that's the case, just get another one from a wrecker, don't waste money fixing it.
If it pumps up with a couple of pumps and holds firm, it could be adjustment.

trader127, May 9, 7:15am
sweet thanks for that, thats handy to know! I will try and I reckon getting a replacement will be easier!

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