Japanese gps?

murdoko, May 5, 2:28am
NO and stop trying. it wont work. heaps of people have been asking the same question for the past few years. haha

murdoko, May 5, 2:37am
yeah sucks aye. they use a different system there (poles i think. not quite sure) whereas we use satellites so yeah. totally different. ;)

dlegg, May 5, 2:38am
I have one in a Toyota Vitz if your find an answer I would be interested. I have been quoted forhelp at about $600

pericles, May 5, 2:40am
you can't change them. Our caddy had one also, we just bought a new gps

murdoko, May 5, 2:45am
don't, you're gonna be wasting you're money. just buy a GPS

morrisman1, May 5, 3:00am
false, its purely a software issue. If the software was in english and the GPS had NZ maps then it would work good as gold.

murdoko, May 5, 4:34am
thats why I said i wasnt quite sure. However, if thats the case then how come noone had done it yet!

geedubu, May 5, 5:43am
Somebody should charge $1 a reply for this and retire on the income:I lived in Japan for several years; owned a top-end GPS out of Japan, had many friends who were top IT people in Japan with international experience, and the answer, without a shadow of a doubt is no, nada, forget about it, won't happen, don't waste your time, don't even ask, buy a local gps and stick it on the screen with the rubber sucker provided.Long-form answer as to why you are wasteing your time is $2.

ryanm2, May 5, 5:46am
yeah, but nah, my mates brother changed his using a pepsi lid and sim card. works mint.

murdoko, May 5, 6:31am
i reckon an electronics engineer can easily retrofit a TOMTOM or Navman GPS and link it to the factory GPS LCD screen. If I was one, thats what I would try to do. ;)

gaah on second, most are not touch screen.

m16d, May 5, 6:38am
Are you saying you dont think it'll work.!

richms, Jan 14, 6:49pm
Probably only a few 100 of each car tops in NZ, only a small portion of those would pay up for any conversion, the maker of the kit would have to warranty it etc - so all up the cost would probably end up being a couple of grand per car to get it converted. Not likly that many of the small portion that wanted it done would pay that amount to convert it over.