American cars. Japanese style

phillip.weston, Nov 7, 9:06pm
it seems the Japanese do more than just Japanese vehicles - there is quite a following there for 50s/60s/70s Americana and hot rods. Check out these pics from a recent event there -


gooddealz2, Nov 8, 11:27am
I see they've got all the same ingredients.The winner gets the girls.A different take on the wet t-shirt comp - a car wash.Even the same fingers get raised.i wonder if they spend endless hours debating the merits or otherwise of ricers and if so what do they call them.Some nice looking cars too.

phillip.weston, Nov 9, 8:20pm
I didn't even see the comment so not sure why it was removed!

trogedon, Feb 13, 5:07pm
My fav. is the rusty Ford Bonus ute. Some of those Harleys look almost unrideable.