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incar., Nov 15, 6:00am
interesting read as i was emailed this offer.!id=100334

thunderbolt, Nov 15, 6:11am
Saw that. Love to see what they plan to replace on a quad cam subby.

phillip.weston, Nov 15, 6:11am
giant can of worms opened - would love them to do a Subaru quad cam belt job for $250. I love how they add an additional $350 on top for just tensioners then another $100 for water pump.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 15, 6:14am
Its time the Government started investigating those that advertise on some of these sites for fair trading act breaches, I see them often.

mugenb20b, Nov 15, 6:14am
Hmmm."harry" has a good point.

foxdonut, Nov 15, 6:19am
Comment about half way down - "additional 100 dollars for euro cars etc"

Great, I'll swing by in the Pagani Zonda R on the weekend.

Hope they have insurance.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 15, 6:22am
I wonder how many curly ones they are going to get as according to them it would only be$751.50 to replace timing belt/waterpump/tensioners on the likes of a V6 Alfa even.
If I hadn't just bought the parts I would be tempted to present them with my 20V Marea.

franc123, Nov 15, 6:26am
Any automotive repair company prepared to do a deal like that is desperate for work and/or stupid.Anyone with half a brain will realise that if I order the base cambelt replacement for $249 and upsize it to large and do the job properly for another $350 I'm at the same level (or could even be more depending on the car/engine) than what another shop would do it for that doesn't engage in such silly behaviour.

anr, Nov 15, 6:56am
Heh i'd like to see them do the cambelt etc in my Allroad for $749. It took Archibalds nearly 9 hours of labour (thankfully it was part of a warrenty claim) to do it with everything associated and they know what they're doing. I think the kit costs more than that.

hounddog2, Nov 15, 7:17am
Subaru cam belt 1 hour max ( with correct tools ) . People may find this rude but i believe many mechanics rip people off with there own incompetence and misrepresentation of what they are able to complete.

scotty20001, Nov 15, 7:18am
ive got a good one for them, Mitsi GTO twin turbo :)

pollymay, Nov 15, 7:30am
I did the windom before I sold it, waterpump and all, new owner helped. Took a whole day cause hit heaps of issues like the crank pulley had been done with a 3/4 rattle gun. Finally got it done and I think they appreciated that I threw that in the buying deal a lot more suddenly :)

treachug, Nov 15, 7:35am
Hey - im offended! that means me! I've got a POS Diamante in the but it was an impound so you hopefully mean the dork before me hahahaha

mugenb20b, Nov 15, 7:38am
I can do a single cam Subaru within an hour, but not quad cam ones, especially if water pump needs to be changed. You also have to allow extra time to bleed the cooling system. Besides, even if a mechanic can change the cambelt within 1 hour, no garage will be stupid enough to charge the client an hour. That's not how to make money.

scotty20001, Nov 15, 7:45am

pollymay, Nov 15, 7:48am
Yes, audis are designed by satin.

franc123, Nov 15, 7:50am
No offence intended,it wasn't aiming it at anyone in particular, its actually a stereotype vehicle that I've come across many times over the years that seems to be owned by a particular type of financially challenged slob, its a 1990-97 Jap import model in that hideous charcoal colour they came out in, with full ashtrays, the remains oflast weeks maccas/kfc/subway tossed in the back seat, the lifters rattle like buggery even when hot, doesn't idle properly when cold, the belts squeal, it chucks out an nice puff of blue smoke in everybodys face when it takes off, the trans gives you whiplash when it changes gears and delays and thumps between R and D, the steering pulls to one side horribly and the suspension creaks and groans and clunks from all the double balljoints that the Aussie versions of the same car amazingly don't need.Can you picture the car, most of the ones left on the road fit the profile!

sw20, Nov 15, 9:44am
Heh. $700 would be a deal for cambelt, waterpump and tensioners on my mr2 turbo.

bae13, Nov 15, 9:53am
Mitsi diamanté!Do I get a chocolate fish!

pollymay, Nov 15, 11:25am
Come on, they aren't THAT bad. Just a pain in the ass the engine mount is in the way. Last I did it was about $250 in tensioners/belt/pump. Only takes a a few hours while holding a beer, ya need to man up a bit

thejazzpianoma, Nov 15, 6:23pm
Whats your technique mugenb20b!
Are you just slipping the front foward into the service position or are you completely detaching it and pulling it out of your way!

I really like the system of doing V6 Audi's (full front removal), its a slow job but I prefer slow to fiddly. I would never do one for someone who didn't want to remunerate properly for the hours involved though.

kcf, Nov 15, 7:04pm
Nissan 300Z TT could be another really fun one to make them do for $250

phillip.weston, Nov 15, 9:00pm
And here's you telling us earlier that the Fiats and Europeans are just as cheap to maintain as the every day Japanese car :P The Marea to me seems just like an Italian Corolla/Corona/Civic/Lancer/Pu-
lsar alternative, but with a crippling cam belt replacement cost! Mind you I would probably still opt for the ride and enjoyment of a Marea over a Corolla etc.

fiatracer, Nov 15, 9:25pm
how long is the offer open! - my Lexus LFA isn't out of warranty for a while yet

thejazzpianoma, Nov 15, 9:32pm
No not the case at all. The Marea came with several sensible engines that were easy to maintain and very cheap to run. The 1.6, 1.8 Petrols and then two excellent Diesels.

However. I have the crazy HLX one with the Fiat Coupe 2.0 5 Cylinder engine, its not supposed to be a sensible car at all,more of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Plus I really like how the cambelt is annoying because it means I can get bargains like this one when they are due.

A 1999 Station wagon thats fun to drive in great condition with new tyres for $1300. I am quite happy to potter away at doing the cambelt over a couple of days!

BTW, I suspect you would love the 2.4 Common rail diesel one. its got massive amounts of power, long service intervals and extreme economy. Sadly though thanks to our stupid Fiat agents we got next to none in NZ.

Oh and you are right about how its supposed to compete with the Corona etc, the standard ones do. Except not only do the handle nicer and are better featured, and more economical for the power they produce, they are significantly more practical. Things like the bumper which drops down on them giving you super easy loading with no lip and you can leave the bumper down but the hatch closed to cart long lenghts of wood etc. Very handy.

And yes I know you were likely just winding me up to some degree!

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