WOF Brake Test

vtecnet, Apr 22, 7:17am
My VW Golf VR6 passed its wof today, but i'm wondering how they come up with the brake service score, ie, it says 75%, recently the rotors, pads, fluid have been changed, so how do I get to 100%! then again, how do they know its 75% anyway!

plasticboys, Apr 22, 7:22am
did they put it on rollers with the test gauges! or just drive it down the road!

vtecnet, Apr 22, 7:23am
Drive down the road, its the local garage, no brake rollers

toyboy3, Apr 22, 7:27am
the wofinspectors use the guessometer or the tapley

plasticboys, Apr 22, 7:28am
l would like to know to! think it must be done on the seat of there pant lol as the saying goes

carmedic, Apr 22, 7:39am

franc123, Apr 22, 8:04am
75% is still a good average score, depending on how recently your rotors and pads were done that may have been a factor in why it hasn't scored higher, some pads can take quite a while to bed in completely.

sandypheet, Apr 22, 8:07am
100% is hit a brick wall.

muzzaandmich, Apr 22, 8:15am
couldthey,,,maybe they could have,,, if not they may have ,,, xray vision.so what else do they wing it onwhen testing ,,,,one thing is for sure they dont guess how much you payor do they .

r15, Apr 22, 9:59pm
they just make up a big number for that.$45 and up here

pfemstn, Apr 23, 4:56am
the inspecter will try and get the best result without locking the wheels, results can depend on weather and road surface, 75% is an average performance for that vehicle.would expect 85% but again lots of variables! it passed thats what counts!

johnf_456, Apr 23, 4:59am
Pass is a pass as they say

steve312, Apr 23, 8:17am
WOF inspection providers are expected to have a brake tester.I have a Tapley meter and there are some good digital decelerometers available now.They have to have there calibration checked yearly.

dave653, Apr 25, 1:37am
My HJ always measured around 90%, the wifes 4wheel disc VN only managed 78-83%, until the discs were machined and new pads fitted, then went up to 85%. All measured with the 'guage in a box' on the floor.

ladatrouble, Apr 25, 4:17am
The Tapley gives a peak reading,the modern electronic brake testers give an average,so always read lower than the Tapley.The Tapley always reads 80% and above with good brakes,with an electronic meter 80% is very good.

vtecnet, Apr 25, 6:07am
All good, have clocked up 875km return trip to Nelson since this post, brakes are fine, also got 8.7L/100k average, not bad for a gas guzzling auto 2.8 v6 really
for those old school peoples, thats 32.47mpg (UK)

movnon, Apr 25, 9:27pm
at the end of the day( & maybe your life) its when you have to make an emergency stop that counts. If you're not sure go out on a quiet road & try some at various speeds - if not happy get the brake system checked out by someone that knows what they are doing.

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