The windscreen washers on vs commodore wont work

ayjay1, Apr 4, 3:57am
You can hear the pump running and I have tried blowing back through the line and yep it has plenty of water in the tank.I would be grateful to hear your comments.

curlcrown, Apr 4, 4:01am
Water jets themselves may be blocked. Poke a pin in the jet and see if that fixes it.

curlcrown, Apr 4, 4:02am
see if water comes out the hoses if you disconect them from the jets.

ayjay1, Apr 4, 4:28am
No.nothing coming out of the hose. I tried the pin trick first because that usually does the trick.

therafter1, Apr 4, 4:44am
Is the reservoir level dropping as the pump operates !

Have you looked underneath the vehicle to see if there is a puddle !

40wav, Apr 4, 4:52am
Not sure what sort of pump it is but maybe the impellor has come off! Go right back to the res and take the pipe off there to see if its woking. Good luck

ayjay1, Apr 4, 4:53am
No puddle. I wonder if the pump motor is working but not the pump.I thought this might have been one of those common faults with VS's and there would have been an easy answer. Thanks for your input though.

whqqsh, Apr 4, 5:15am
I found the same with my VS ute & found one way valves in the line (just before the hoses go through the bonnet ribs) & the previous owner had them back to front. so if yours has them & are the wrong way around too you probably can blow back down but it wont pump water up

ayjay1, Apr 4, 6:19am

I will check that. but it has just recently stopped working. Thanks for your help.

demons, Apr 4, 6:33am
tryflushing out the tank as the bars bugs over time seems to built up a slimie layer on bottom ,mine did same thing cleaned whole system and hasnt done it since

evotime, Apr 4, 6:37am
pull out the washer pump check for snot at the pump inlet.

demons, Apr 4, 6:44am
try not to if you can it will leak from then on if rubber is bitold dry.

ayjay1, Sep 27, 3:11pm
Thanks for that.The thing is in a tight space.Does it come out easy or do I do this in place. I am a chippy and there comes a time I am better off doing my thing and using the money to pay someone who knows all about it. But I get a few kudos with the missus if I fix it myself.I appreciate your help.

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