VS commodore won't go.

holdenm4n, Mar 31, 8:12am
Any suggestions on the following be greatly appreciated. My vs exec has had missing and backfiring issues followed now by not firing.will turn over but that's it.will eventually go after a day or two. I've since replaced spark plugs.remedied the backfire and missing issues.and thought i was sussed till it died half an hour later and had to be towed back home. Now the damn thing won't start. I've got theories but don't want to waste money on theories. I'm thinking either crank angle sensor or coil pack!

dasfi, Mar 31, 8:18am
Im thinking coil pack! These tend to stuff out

holdenm4n, Mar 31, 8:34am
Yeah.I'm hoping this is the case, fingers crossed.

carmedic, Mar 31, 8:35am
They do, however, I doubt all the coil packs would fail at the same time; one however would/could cause the misfiring.
My bet would be the crank position sensor (they often cause rough running and intermittent no-go), however I wouldn??

franc123, Mar 31, 8:56am
Do you know where the CAS is!Right beside the crank pulley on the LHS of it.Wait until it will behave again, take a bottle of cold water with you and go for a run and drive it until it stops, as soon as it stalls and won't restart get out and open the bonnet ASAP and drench the sensor with the cold water.If it now fires, go shopping for a new sensor.The coils don't generally cause a no start problem.Have used this method many times on VN-VS to prove they are faulty, a bit of "thermal shock treatment".

icemans1, Mar 31, 12:30pm

candy1213, Mar 31, 12:53pm
check fuel pump too!
take off fuel line put in a container and crank over
keys, chips can stuff out too

bubbles52, Mar 31, 7:57pm
had this problem once, turned out to be the fuel pressure regulator

bigfatmat1, Sep 16, 12:11am
if it had a miss ect chances are the excessive plug gap has caused the igniter unit to fail either way unless you have the gear or good knowledge its a guessing game You should check fault codes first if a crank sensor fault code is present then you would need to check the waveform of the crank sensor on a scope if no codes you would possibly need to check the input to the igniter from the ecu with a scope if is ok you would then check the primary with a scope if ok replace coil pack if no primary signal replace igniter