Nissan Wingroad or similar Smallish Station Wagon?

valleystream, Mar 28, 5:16am
Am after a station wagon but don't want something really long. Saw a Wingroad & thought it might be a go. Any feedback on these cars would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

phillip.weston, Mar 28, 5:27am
what's your budget!

johnf_456, Mar 28, 6:22am
Budget, auto or manual preference!

valleystream, Mar 28, 7:41am
Budget, not sure, max 8500 I guess.Auto.

jmma, Mar 28, 7:49am
Whats your recommendation john_f!

stevo2, Mar 28, 7:56am
My daughter just bought a 1500cc Wingroad Aero. She's only done a couple of hundred kms so far but really likes it.
It seems to be a good no nonsense economical wagon for around town.
She also looked at a Corolla Fielder but preferred the "look" of the Wingroad.
Cheers Stevo

trogedon, Mar 28, 8:30pm
The "flaw" ! Is that some sort of pun!! Anyway they wanted a small wagon not one with an average sized engine.

valleystream, Mar 29, 7:44am
Ok thanks so much everyone! Really appreciate it. thejazzpianoma, I have a VW Passat now that I love but find that the VW Station Wagon is just too big, I don't need something that large.

rovercitroen, Mar 29, 8:07am
What about a VW Golf Wagon!

trogedon, Mar 29, 8:23pm
Our Libero is a good size and very economical. There are still some late models ones around too.

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 9:10pm
The Passat is ~200mm longer than a Y11 Wingroad - trust me that is a lot when you need to park it.The Passat and Avenir are closer to the same size.

Also the Familia wagon is a Wingroad rebadged, same dimensions.

vtecintegra, Mar 30, 12:36am
Ah i guess you're talking about the Familia hatch then

icemans1, Mar 30, 5:43am
we have a wingroad, it's good for the wife when she takes our boy down to hamilton, BUT if i had my way, we would have a commodore wagon - heaps more room

rema, Sep 10, 7:40pm
have a look also at kevway cars in point cev they always have a few of those.when i was lookinbg at a similar car