Help please Nissan Navara td27 wont go

tristanchev, Mar 29, 6:53am
Hi there, I accidently ran my ute out of diesel and now it starts and runs for about 5secs but then dies. I have managed to get it to run continuously but only at a low rev and as soon as I try to give it more it dies like its out of fuel again and while it was running it was blowing alot of grey smoke. While it was running I cracked each injector one at a time and bled them but still not able to stop it running out of fuel again. Any ideas much appreciated please

dent, Mar 29, 7:12am
have you primed the fuel up to the filter. Im picking youve still got air in the system. Remove the outlet hose. from the fuel primer and pump the primer untill you have a steady fuel flow comming out. Then reconect the hose, Prime some more and run the engine. Then prime some more while the engines running.

pieman33h, Mar 29, 7:26am
sounds like an air lock alright. okay this is rough but it does work if all else fails, get a mate to tow your wagon (will only work on a manual) and let the clutch out in 3rd gear, when it starts, keep full throttle down till it revs clean, you may have to do it two or three times, but only do it if nothing esle works! its not very kind to the vehicle!

intrade, Mar 29, 7:27am
if the filter has a bolt then you got to open it to bleed the air when you pump and shut the bolt while you keep pumping. Start always with pedal to floor and ease back unce it starts reving up. spanner is usually 10mm for filter bleed-bolt

im_andrew, Sep 8, 11:55pm
If all else fails, start it and run it on engine start spray for 30 seconds or so with your foot to the floor. Be careful, there is a bit of an art to controlling the spray so it doesnt over rev.

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