Rules about seating in cars with no seatbelts?

im_andrew, Mar 23, 6:54am
Have a quick question regarding seating. My VJ valiant (first registered in '76) has no seatbelts across the back seat. How many rear seat passenger can I legally have! 4 people can comfortably sit across the back seat, or 5 at a squeeze. is there a limit on the number of rear seat passengers I can have!

twit7, Mar 23, 7:01am
only 3 in the back. if its a beanch set in the front it will be registered as a 6 seater or with buckets in the front a 5 seater

im_andrew, Mar 23, 7:09am
Thanks mate. Bench seat with 3 seatbelts across the front, but for some reason its registered as a 5 seater. Weird.

pdc1, Mar 23, 7:37am
Yes your one should be registered as a 6 seater. I'm really surprised that it would be inforced. I would have thought it you can fit 4 comfortably across, then it should be ok. I would have thought it would be more about not having a seat and allowing passengers to ride in a dangerous position.
As I say, I don't know the legality on it, so don't quote me, and I don't trust cops to be reasonable anymore, but I would say if everyone is comfortable and everyone is being sensible and the driver isn't doing anything dodgey, I doubt that you will be picked up for it. Looking forward to the correct answer as I too quite often put 4 (or 10) in the back. Never ever thought about it before.
Obviously there is no requirement for seatbeats in the back of your VJ. I think it is approx. 1980 before you need seatbelts in the back

jason18, Mar 23, 8:03am
Good old valiants aye. Mine has had seat belts fitted in the back so can only get 3 in.

modie61, Mar 23, 8:06am
Another foul up in the rego dept andrew,my garden trailer with 1 axle is regoed as a 2 axle,major to get it changed,but hey who cares.

pdc1, Mar 23, 8:44am
It's actually not so major. Just re-rego it. Doesn't cost much, and the bonus is you get 12 month warrants.

johnf_456, Mar 23, 8:52am
providing you register it has re built and make it 2011 so you get longer 12 month wof's.

modie61, Mar 23, 5:58pm
Its been reregoed in November,still came out with two axles,go figure.I filled the form out myself. Maybe its got one axle on one side and another on the other,i dont know,cost $98. The system probably only allows for 2 axles or something,maybe be based on car specs.

dave653, Aug 19, 4:20pm
My old '69 Buick didn't have belts in the back, only had factory lap belts in the front, never got pulled over for it.

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