Holden Adventra

dagwood1, Mar 21, 5:09am
Looking at up dating a '97 Diesel Surf later this year and this is one of the options I'm looking at. Currently doing 20,000kms PA, bit of towing and like the security of 4wd when driving onto beaches to launch the boat.
Doubt if I'll like the fuel bills but RUCs seem to be constantly increasing and there are no more diesels being imported anyway.
Other options include the Toyota Highlander.
Any stories or feedback on the Adventra!

kellrae, Aug 9, 2:07pm
Loved out V8 Adventra, but sold it as we could not justify having it for occasional use, and short hops to work was costing a fortune.it was a hard decision to sell, but something had to give!3 cars and a scooter for 2 is not sensible.

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