Valiant brake booster

lele8, Feb 6, 12:32am
wanted vg v8 brake booster must be on a angle to miss rocker cover.

cuda.340, Feb 6, 5:52am
will a VH fit! it has an angled mounting bracket.

luxy, Feb 6, 6:01am
the v8 booster is one of its own

boss_hogg, Feb 6, 9:33am
You need an offset booster bracket. Getting to be hens teeth now. Good luck

ceebee2, Feb 6, 11:41pm
You may be able to remotely connect a booster like the hillman hunters had, detracts from original though

elect70, Feb 7, 1:11am
I had 1 made for my VH when i did the V8conversioncouldnt buy 1

steve312, Feb 7, 4:29am
Try a Google search for a "hemi performance" shop in Richmond, Nelson and ask for Bradley.He might be able to help.

cuda.340, Feb 7, 7:39am
well if a VH one fits i have one collecting dust in the shed if you're interested.

lele8, Feb 8, 6:34am
thanks guys im new 2 this,

pdc1, Feb 8, 10:22am

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