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bigspender01, Feb 17, 11:09pm
or should I say fitting brake pads

Hi just a question please, someone I know wants to replace the brake pads them self, how easy would it be to do this and would it be dangerous to hoist the car up on 4 jacks, I'm not happy about it personally, how much does it cost for a mechanic to do them!

gammelvind, Feb 17, 11:15pm
Anyone with mechanical aptitude should be able to replace a set of brake pads themself. Check on utube iif unsure, plenty of info there. They only need to jack up the corner they are replacing with a jack, then place an axle stand under a solid part in case the jack fails and then go for it.

mugenb20b, Feb 17, 11:17pm
Have a look at a few videos on you tube first. Easy job though.

tinytoolmans274, Feb 17, 11:18pm
or if you dont have an axle stand at least slide the wheel under the edge your working on

pzkpfw, Feb 17, 11:19pm
It's pretty simple for someone with reasonable skills. Don't need to do all at once (i.e. why 4 jacks!).

bigspender01, Feb 17, 11:25pm
Thanx all, dont know why he said would need 4 jacks! I'd be worried about the car falling

kazbanz, Feb 18, 12:09am
bigspender-if you were the person looking to fit the pads then I'd honestly say -"if you need to ask then don't do it"
Your freind has possibly fitted hundreds of sets.
To help give specific advice--what year/make/model is it !

whqqsh, Feb 18, 12:12am
Ive just done mine & a bit safer to do the front & rear seperately & just jacking that end accordingly. easy enough with the basic tools & a bit of mechanical understanding. a manual or print off from the net if unsure

thejazzpianoma, Feb 18, 12:16am
For the vast majority of cars you don't even need to crawl right under the vehicle, or under at all really. Obviously still use a jack stand as well as a jack but even if by some mega co-incidence both failed you would then have to be super unlucky to wind up dead. (Smacked head, pinned/broken leg perhaps if you were really unlucky) The odds of both failing and then having it fall on some extremity would have to be infantisimal.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 18, 12:18am
BTW, if they don't have jack stands. There is a place called savebarn that has really good 6 Tonne ones for about $50 a pair.

Its not about the weight rating, the 6 tonne ones are much more stable than the more common smaller ones. I have two sets of these and am pretty sure they are out of the same factory as my friends $150 ones.

sp_toolsfan, Feb 18, 1:08am
if u need to ask tell them to not touch them, its not as simple as just replacing the pads, not many people know this but just replacing the pads and not machining the rotors/drums will decrease ur braking efficiency by up to 30 %, this is dangerous if u don??

bigspender01, Feb 18, 1:43am
Hi Jazzman been a while, hope your well and thanx for the advice :-)

bigspender01, Feb 18, 1:46am
Thanx again everyone, I pass the info on, its my nephew he's travelling round the south island and bought an oldish car down in raglan, bit worried about him doing it himself, I mean he's not a mechanic and was told that it was easy enough to do, I looked on you tube and it does'nt look that easy to me

bigspender01, Feb 18, 1:46am
Thanx for all that info, very helpful

bigspender01, Feb 18, 1:48am
um I get back to you on that one ok

unbeatabull, Feb 18, 1:51am
Whats the car! And all four or just front/rear!

Some cars are ridiculously easy to do pads, others not so

unbeatabull, Feb 18, 1:52am
Im curious to know how fitting new pads over old, glazed up, worn and cracked pads can decrease your braking efficiency!

mrfxit, Feb 18, 2:01am
LOL ummm yea me too

Maybe when comparing specs to a BRAND NEW factory set verses a new replacement set on an old surface.

tigra, Feb 18, 2:40am
Lol. maybe its the grooving that has been caused by the old worn out pads the poster is referring to. Dont know how it could rduce by up to 30% tho - thats just scare talk. It would have to have some really bad scoring to get that bad and no amount of machining would ever fix it. Also you can only machine discs a certain amount before they become to thin to use safely.

kazbanz, Feb 18, 3:56am
Hmm- this is the old advertising scare tactics in play.the key bit here is UP TO 30%.Hmm but wait--my disks are smooth, the last person who did the pads greased up the slidersand I'm going to replace worn out pads with new pads. Nope there is no way braking efficiency will decrease 30%
Maybee 5% as the pads bed in--then I'd say an INCREASE in braking efficiency rather than a decrease
So go to worst case -ignoring bent parts.--worn out pads have grooved the disks quite badly and the tyro puts in new pads only--untill the pads bed to the disksyep not very efficient--biut still better than totally worn pads

gsimpson, Feb 18, 4:15am
There is a first time for everyone doing maintenance and this is one of the easiest as it requires only basic tools and doesn't take long. A manual would be a good investment. My wife did her front disc pads as a first attempt at car maintenance before I met her. I did them last month as they were worn again and everything was correct so she did a good job. Asking for advice does not imply incompetence, it shows caution and a willingness to learn.

tonyrockyhorror, Feb 18, 5:12am
It's not something anyone should be doing unsupervised the first few times. There are many potential pitfalls and false economies.

bigspender01, Feb 18, 6:49am
Its a 1987 Toyota Carolla

intrade, Feb 20, 5:35am
front are easy to fit.only other thing is the brake fluids it should be changed every 24 month and that is not a first timer diy job.

phalanax, Feb 20, 8:16pm
That would be the fact that if the old pads are glazed then its a fair chance the rotors are as well thus the new pads will not wear in correctly and may judder (its called bedding) always a good idea to remove the glaze from the disc surface.A quick careful rub with a fine grade sandpaper can do so (7-800grit.thats how many particles are glued to the paper per blah blah ).also not wise to rely on a single an earleir poster infers whack the tyre under the chassis rail and whatever else you can find to keep it at the height of your jack.if you dont have axle stands.(some hydralic jacks loose fluid and lower and wind up jacks are just to change tyres not made for you to crawl under car.) saftey

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