Brake pad fitting ED

v8_mopar, Feb 18, 11:43pm
Back pistons are screw in yes!

How do you get them in. Cheers

brokebloke1, Feb 18, 11:44pm
are they a disc brake rear end!

v8_mopar, Feb 18, 11:46pm
No shoes on this girl

carmedic, Feb 18, 11:49pm
Turn the piston into the caliper while pushing it in (normally but not always clockwise)
Special tools are available but mcgyver won??

v8_mopar, Feb 19, 12:01am
Not having much luck mcgyvering this one. May have to do the job on the bench

nave12, Feb 19, 12:41am
I read this on a forum about doing an ED's rear brakes,if you can understand the way its written it sounds quite simple.

I remove the handbrake lever from the back of the caliper. This exposes two flats on the central screw thingy. Screw it in about 3-4mm with a spanner, then push the piston with a Gclamp much like you do with the fronts. This pushes the flats back out, Repeat the process another 3-4mm. Again use Gclamp. Repeat 3 times and you'll have enough clearance for new pads. Refit handbrake lever and you done. No need for special tool. Works for me, did this just yesterday.

carmedic, Feb 19, 12:42am
What car is it!
Is it turning ok!

v8_mopar, Feb 19, 12:48am
# 7 Was about to go back out so will look at that.

#8 Could not get it to turn. Its a 94 ED XR6 wagon with ABS

v8_mopar, Feb 19, 1:25am
Thank you! worked great.

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