Got some bike brake shoes relined by BNT .

afer_daily, Feb 20, 8:25am
my old YB125 rear shoes / allup inc the gst $105.80/ i think thats a little over the top ! .

cypherboy, Feb 20, 8:31am
What are new ones worth! Look into it and ask yourself the same question.

rob_man, Feb 20, 8:31am
Wow! what does a set of 8 shoes cost to do!

jmma, Feb 20, 8:33am
$423.20at that rate (o:

twink19, Feb 20, 8:34am
how long do you think it took to do, plus linings, sounds cheap to me

afer_daily, Feb 20, 8:37am
there was no linings on the shoes when i took them in .

bitsy_boffin, Feb 20, 11:37am
I would get in trouble posting a link, but lets say you were to search on a well known international auction site that starts with e and ends in for "YB125 Brake Shoe" you would find several sellers of brand new ones all at about $12US a set + shipping of about $12 US, making $24/us a set more or less.

NZTools, Feb 20, 5:37pm
Which is all good untill you get them here an find the US-spec shoes are slightly smaller or larger than the NZ-spec shoes.

pollymay, Feb 20, 5:58pm
No idea what they relined with or if it was problematic. Relining actually isn't that cheap for some things. I relined a clutch and it cost as much as the clutch did to begin with only I used higher quality facings.

bopbargains, Feb 20, 6:01pm
did younotask them how much it was goingtocost before you got themtodoit!.

sifty, Feb 20, 8:18pm
I've bought dozens of brake shoes, just go by OEM part number and use emgo or equivalent catalogue to confirm sizes/compatibility etc. No prob and usually deivered in days.

kazbanz, Feb 20, 8:32pm
OP--I'm sorry I don't understand your issue. you got the brakes relined I guess because you had explored the other options in NZ. You would have got a price before you started.

pauldw, Feb 20, 8:34pm
Do BNT do the relining or send out! That could turn a $30 job into $100.

bitsy_boffin, Feb 20, 9:33pm
The ads there in particular include pictures and measurements and are from asia (Thailand specifically).As long as you have the old shoes in front of you, and a tape measure, it's easy to check such matters.

pinga08, Feb 21, 6:52am
bnt dont relign they send them out.

aragorn2003, Feb 21, 7:05am
why would you go to a parts dealer!

xs1100, Feb 21, 7:16am
which is why i would of tried autostop myself because they relign in shop

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