Brake wearing

bikeman2, Mar 1, 4:14am
In everyones experience here what do people think wears brake pads/rotors faster. being gentle on the brakes but being on them 85% of the time downhill etc. or heavier braking so you are braking for less time but they are doing more work (in my mind anyway that makes sense) any opinions! just curious as i am of the heavier braking for less time persuasion weather dependant obviously. I know race cars go through pads and discs more often and they would be using the heavy braking approach but heavy braking from 200kph must be exponentially harder on them than hard braking from 100! cheers

msigg, Mar 1, 4:19am
Harder wears them down faster, along with the tyres.

mrfxit, Mar 1, 4:46am
Softer for longer glaze's the rotors & overheats them faster when you really DO need them
Harder for very shortperiods does not cause them to wear fast unless you are using them a lot.
Short hard allows the braking system to cool off between applications

mrfxit, Mar 1, 4:49am
Racing is a whole different situation
Braking from100kph or braking from to 200kph is a huge exponential increase on braking forces

bikeman2, Mar 1, 7:01am
yeah thats what I was wondering whether that prolonged heat build up was better or worse than the short sharp approach. but like other poster said the short sharp approach is also harder on tyres

40wav, Mar 1, 7:13am
Who cares! Drive so you enjoy it, and replace brakes and tyres as necessary. Lifes to short!

steve312, Mar 1, 7:26am
Most of the excessive brake wear I have come across seems to have been the little old ladies that drive everywhere with their foot on the brake.Wear is just one of the byproducts of excess heat.At least with hard braking, the heat generated is greater but for a much shorter period and everything gets the chance to cool out between brake applications.

bikeman2, Mar 1, 7:41am
especially when you aren't paying for it haha. however life could be significantly shorter with worn brakes methinks

illusion_, Mar 1, 7:41am
harder . followed by a downchange

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