Anyone know the average price for getting brake.

dyln.sampson, Apr 28, 3:38am
. Rotors skimmed!

n1smo_gtir, Apr 28, 3:43am
Prob close to just getting a replacement that doesn't need Skimming unless you know someone in the industry.

intrade, Apr 28, 4:13am
i would forget about that just buy new rotors with new pads when the old ones are worn . waste of time to skim brakes when you only do maximum of 100kph

intrade, Apr 28, 4:17am
i tell you why i would never waste my money on it unless they where new rotors that got wraped on a fast car while it was on track-day for example.
Here is why
Skimming takes away the material of the disk, the brake pads also take away material. the thinner it gets the faster it gets hot and the faster the disk wraps. so skimming it because it got a wee wrap that you wont even notice unless you brake hard is simply a waste of time as it makes the rotor thinner and it would help wrap all over again.

les6, Apr 28, 4:43am
so thats a wrap then!

usdefault, Apr 28, 5:07am

steve312, Apr 28, 6:16am
Actual question was about the cost.Usually between $30 and $40 per disc.Sometimes a replacement rotor is not the only choice. A lot of the very common rotors are less then $100 each but not always.

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