Rumble sound in from right brake

graemehw, Apr 15, 12:06pm
when apply brake quite firmly- front right - will take it to be seen - but would like some ideas of likely cause.


tonyrockyhorror, Apr 15, 12:11pm
Worn out friction material - backing plate is now touching the rotor.

galex, Apr 15, 12:11pm
Could be worn brake pads.

Ohh SNAP !

graemehw, Apr 15, 12:25pm
cheers guys - take it to service today

intrade, Apr 15, 7:51pm
dont brake to hard the more it grinds metal to metal the more damage it will do only brake hard if you have to anddrive so you dont have to brake hard till it is fixed

graemehw, Apr 15, 10:53pm
Thanks intrade - started doing that automatically - have rang around a few places - one that sounded good couldn't see me to thursday - so just going with who can see me today.

Saying that some drunk uni student ran out in front of car the other day coming home from the crusaders game - he wasn't playing chicken - he looked seriously spooked when he heard me braking hard- I could of solved his student debt problem :)

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