1996 Diesel estima cambelt

shotgunkid, May 6, 9:41am
Can any indicate how much to do a cambelt on a 2.2l diesel 3C-TE engine.

beast9, May 6, 9:45am
last one i done there was around $200 in parts and 8 hours to do it

mugenb20b, May 6, 10:24am
$1000 or so to replace the cambelt, tensioner, water pump, etc. Not a nice job.

alan1111, May 6, 6:44pm
I cringe when these come into the workshop and ask how much to do a c/belt. $850 +parts aint bad in price its the labour that is high as a mongrel to do i hate them.

gadgit3, May 6, 7:14pm
There getting a bit of age to them now so I would have the injector pump pulled and a new seal kit fitted also while your in there. Bout $1300 with cambelt, idlers, water pump, seals and the pump seals done. Thats if you can find a workshop that can do the injector pump in house. other wise you'll be looking at $900 just for the pump seals.

intrade, May 11, 7:28am
dont even bother to change the cambelt drive the pile of crap till it stops just change oil and filters. They all crack heads soon after you do a cambelt change so save your money . you can do it when the head has gone or scrap it .when it went pufff

r15, May 11, 7:59am
or just dont overheat it.and it'll never crack

intrade, May 11, 8:08am
how are you going to do that when the temprature gagua never shows hot! they just start blowing white smoke water vapur out the exhaust and then you know its cracked the head no other symptoms on these . the cooling system is like a pot of spaghetti it can let air in at any joint when it gets older. The one i fixed had a coolant leak right next to the headnever showed any temp rise just the famous white smoke out its tail.

gizmsme, May 11, 8:27am
Maybe just maintain the cooling system with regular radiator cleans and new antifreeze, just like oil changes only not as regular.Simple really!

zephyrheaven, May 11, 8:44am
This is the 1st one Ive heard of still running tbh

r15, May 11, 8:41pm
yeah, pretty much.and just like oil changes, if you dont do anything it will eventually shit itself.

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