Replacing brake lines

clampits, May 29, 10:51pm
Hi just failed a wof for rusty brake lines. The steel lines up the lenght of the car and across the diff.It's on a VP commodore wagon.any ideas on cost to have replaced.Who to take it to in west Auckland thanks

attitudedesignz, May 29, 10:55pm
They tried to fail my Holden VR ute for the very same thing. Just get under there with some emery paper or a wire wheel on a drill and clean 'em up, job done.

dave653, May 30, 2:16am
Same here. Cleaned them with 60 grit paper and wiped some rid rust on them.

lordv81, May 30, 2:38am
I had two front lines made up for a sunbird.They were around $60 for the two lines.The originals were stuffed.I did the rear ones myself with some old HQ diff lines and a flaring kit.

kazbanz, May 30, 2:57am
If its just surface rust I agree totally with the posts above.
BUT my aproach would be to sand/wire wheel and inspect the lines afterwards closely before doing so.
I'm probably being a worry wart but badly rust pitted lines could be a recipy for disaster.

attitudedesignz, May 30, 3:02am
I agree kaz, but it seems to be a more common practice to ping "rusty" lines now.

As it's a VP ('91-'93) i doubt very much they would be 'pitted'

BUT after OP cleans them up they maybe should check for 'seepage'

kazbanz, May 30, 3:07am
AD--to be honest Im more worried about a 1/2mm thick bit of pipe going pop just when the OP needs brakes.

dave653, May 30, 7:58am
My car was born in '76, I don't know if the pipes have been replaced at all. My major gripe was the fact that the fuel line was just as bad. nothing said about it. The VTNZ idiot was fired soon after.

supernova2, May 30, 10:00am
I had a car reregistered (before the revin process) where the carb was leaking fuel all over the place.Was fine when I left home and like an open tap when I arrived for the test.Told the staff and expected a fail.Was a fail but because the rear (disk) brakes were too low and the fuel not a prob.Drove home, two bags of cement in the boot, drove back - passed sitting in a pool of fuel.Totally crazy if you ask me.

hijacka, May 30, 11:06am
And after you have reconditioned your brake lines and if your brake pedal every goes right down to the floor when you need to stop in a hurry remember to pump it a few times while holding the e-brake up before you crash.(Jokes) Honestly corrosion will also be evident on the inside so do your car and yourself and every other road user a favour and Replace the 20 year old POS hose with a new one. Its not like its a expensive part. And Holden brakes are bad enough without having them seep fluid lol

elect70, May 31, 2:41am
^^ man says its the steel lines .Do as above but DONT paint or cver withseal before its been reinspected .

dave653, May 31, 2:44am
I did, got the WOF too.

jrlaw, May 31, 4:12am
Rebuilt Minis in England are set up with copper brake lines, maybe to stop corrosion, wonder why we need steel ones in this country. Anyone have a answer!

modie61, May 31, 4:25am
Those poms have got all the answers havent they !

mm12345, May 31, 4:32am
Is it a question of "needing" steel, or just that they use it because it's cheap!
I seem to recall paying next to nothing for a reel of the stuff at BNT to re-do the brake lines on my trailer.Once I got the hang of flaring it properly, it was pretty easy to work with.

sr2, May 31, 7:43am
Although more resistant to corrosion than steel, copper brake lines are easily crushed and can work harden and fail with vibration and or overzealous double flaring; I have seen this happen.We occasionally used copper for brake lines in the 70??

mantagsi, May 31, 7:55am
I'ves used 3/16 fridge grade copper to do some lines in an offroader thats hardly ever used, but i made sure to insulate the lines from any sort of rubbing or abrasion, and plenty of vibration damping as copper lines will go crook pretty easy. So far so good :) for a car! may as well get em made out of steel, much better

mm12345, May 31, 8:31am
I was a bit surprised to see on a friend's new plane that the brake lines were nylon (I'm presuming nylon 12 which is extremely tough and abrasion resistant).I didn't note how the lines were attached to the calipers - you wouldn't want them to melt.
Nylon 12 lines would be great on a boat trailer.

kazbanz, May 31, 11:36pm
its the same reason that pommie cars are fitted with stainless steel exhausts once the first lot has rotted out. There is a conciderably worse corrosion issue in england than here. Unless you do a lot of boat launching of course.
IMO steel lines tick a lot more boxes for New zealand use than copper lines.

edangus, Jun 1, 12:04am
I used Autostop last time (Torana) but that was about 8 years ago. Seems they are no longer in business.

Try BNT!

elect70, Jun 1, 1:41am
I didnew brake lines on my charger in copper & was refused compliance certstating"illegal touse copper tubing for brake lines . " So had to redo inbundy tube

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