Question for the Mitsi gurus (PW or otherwise)

henderson_guy, Jul 2, 6:17am
I need to know (don't ask why, I just need to) the size of the washer fluid hose for a 2002-ish L300 van. Please and thank you.

andrea_w, Jul 2, 6:27am

Don't ask why I'm asking, I just am

ladatrouble, Jul 2, 7:19am
Use washer fluid should do the job.

henderson_guy, Jul 2, 8:01am
It is.for prankable purposes.

henderson_guy, Jul 2, 8:02am
Is all washer hose created equal!

henderson_guy, Jul 2, 5:55pm
More or less.

snoopy221, Jul 2, 6:09pm
Is all washer hose created equal!

Alas. all us 1/4 inch colonic irigation tubes are the same,.

snoopy221, Jul 2, 6:10pm
Well some of us mite be 3/16ths.LOL

henderson_guy, Aug 20, 6:51pm
cheers, snoops