AU 'coon park brake dragging (squeeking) problem

whqqsh, May 26, 5:38am
column change so foot operated park brake, started some time ago & noticed if I put the brake on one click (adjustment was quite loose) it would go away. So when I knew Id be pulling the wheels off I did the rear brake pads but the park brake shoes looked in good nick & just gave it a bit of a scuff & adjusted up, the idea that a click 'on' made the noise go away so adjust up a bit & maybe a bit of tension aligns (or whatever). Nope that made it worse. Dropped the adjustment right off so no parkbrake at all & no worries (proves its not the rear brake). Adjusted up again & back to squeeking, backed cable off so brake just holds & still squeeks GRRR! oh BTW it isnt too bad going forward but really loud in reverse & living down a long ROW its quite embarassing. With a bad knee now Im really not keen doing too many more fault finding attempts getting up & down & kneeling on cold conctrete

snoopy221, May 26, 5:44am
-Worn springs and retainers-and lack of **grease4peace* between shoes and backing plates.
[harmonic squeal]

unbeatabull, May 26, 5:48am
As Snoopy said. Grease between the shoes and the backing plates - there are a couple of square high rise bits on the backing plate where the shoes rest on - grease these up. Also give them a good clean out with a brake clean product as well as the inside of the drum/rotor. The squeak is actually more common when they are OVER adjusted, you can back them off a bit, then they have a seperate adjuster on the cable itself under the car or by the foot pedal (Can't remember which model of AU it switched on) to adjust the travel.

whqqsh, May 26, 6:03am
cheers, gave it a blow out for dust etc but usually try to avoid grease near brakes (for obvious reasons) but a smear may be just what it needs. & yup, cable adjuster is under the drivers side rear door. I agree overadjusting isnt doest seem like the answer but when a click on made it better, it seemed like a worthwhile gamble (also in my game Ive found if things dont go to plan, try the opposite & it sometimes works)
Oh well, wheels off again tomorrow, weather permitting

mugenb20b, May 26, 6:08am
Don't worry about the weather, think of the Nike moto "Just Do It".

unbeatabull, May 26, 6:14am
Make sure you de-adjust the cable before pulling hte drums off and adjusting. You should be able to wriggle the linkage on the back of the plate loosely.

Also, check for a lip on the inside of the drum. Sometimes when it gets too much it can make a squeak as well - we usually just use a die grinder and grind the lip off.

whqqsh, May 26, 6:18am
maybe in my younger days (can remember changing a clutch after work middle of winter, lifting the gearbox back in place after resting it on my chest while laying on my back on a loose metal driveway & bolting up in the dark with a torch while it was pouring down), now I cant be shagged, too much more of this & Ill drive her to the mechanic & work an hour or 2 overtime lol

snoopy221, May 26, 6:22am
Itz not dat hard laddie-and if ya plan it right ya shld be able ta reach ya can of suds while ya sittin relaxin and resin dat knee-afta all-ya gotzz ta *lubricate* some things.
[And yeah harmonics between shoe mountings and back plates-is one of em.]

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