2003 BMW 530i power steering

michaelqian, May 21, 8:30am
Hi all. Bought a 2003 BMW 530i. Great car and drives extremely smooth. I do have a question about the power steering. Is it suppose to feel quite tight! i.e. compared to most other cars. The steering itself is smooth and responsive. Doesn't feel like there's a problem. But it does feel tight. Normally I drive with one hand but it is difficult to do so with this car, especially in tight turns. What's your like! Thanks

doug207, May 21, 1:53pm
I would have expected it to have variable power steering assist. Have you got larger than standard wheels!

saxman99, May 21, 7:14pm
Yes BMW power steering feels heavy compared to many other cars.It is deliberate.

fiatracer, May 21, 7:52pm
in fact, euro cars tend to have much heavier power steer than Japanese cars [if that's what you're used to!]. It's because they haven't managed to engineer out all the feel.

foxdonut, May 22, 4:34am
+ 1 Its a BMW thing.

I don't mind heavy power steering, what I do mind is how the BMW tends to remove feedback from the road by the time it gets to the steering wheel.

rovercitroen, May 22, 4:48am
What! Every BMW I have driven has had great steering feel.

esprit, May 22, 5:01am
Then you've not been driving the same BMWs as most people. BMW persisted with horrid recirculating ball steering over rack and pinion for many years. Even today, steering feel ain't a BMW strong suit.

foxdonut, May 22, 5:06am
I've had a few of various calibres over the years and driven more expensive stuff I can't afford, (only road stuff and nothing like an M3GTR) and I reckon that once you're used to them, you can control the rate of turn well with the heavy steering, but the feedback, nup - nothing has ever amazed me, compared to expensive Italian racers or even cheap Japanese soft sportser's like the old MR2's I don't rate the BMW's at all.

saxman99, May 22, 5:10am
Great road feedback and steering "feel" in both of mine.Precise, tactile and solid, with just a wee dash of oversteer.(The rear drive probably has a bit to do with that.)

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