WOF question.. I dont recall them ever testing the locks soi would say not

flybye_in_a_rx7, Jul 4, 1:50am
i dont recall them ever testing the locks soi would say not

johnf_456, Jul 4, 1:58am
No door locks just to open and close from inside and outside.

joker9377, Jul 4, 2:35am
I was told 2 weeks ago that if a car has kiddy locks they are failing if they dont work.
Yes /NO!

mugenb20b, Jul 4, 3:19am
No, the kiddy locks just need to be able to go OFF, ie. deactivate (if they were ON to begin with). They don't have to "work" as such.

terckon, Jul 4, 7:01pm
Most of this is true except the doors do not have to open from the outside. Inside yes, outside no.

johnf_456, Jul 4, 11:08pm
This is because! Source of information!
I know the answer and most do here but what is your explanation.

spead, Jul 4, 11:14pm
terckon is correct

sred69, Jul 5, 5:14am

in the latest update to the virm it now requires entrance and exit handles to work! or LVV certification of some other system if handle removed

woody1946, Jul 5, 5:22am
Hmm. Just got a WOF on my classic,and for a couple of previous warrants nothing has been said about the fact that one of the rear doors won't open from the outside, but this time they said I will need to fix it

terckon, Jul 5, 6:48am
Here it is http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/virm-in-service-certification/docs/gen-6-entrance-and-exit-v4a2.pdf and it reads: 4. A door used for entrance and exit of the driver or
passengers cannot be opened from the inside, unless
the vehicle is designed or adapted to transport prisoners
and the door is inoperable from the inside of the prison
compartment. There is nothing about opening from the outside. Ask the inspection place to show you in the virm where it says about doors opening from the outside.

sred69, Jul 5, 10:20am
read further down

Equipment performance
8. A door used for entrance and exit of the driver or
passengers does not open or close easily.

Exterior door handles (on doors
normally used for entry and exit of
??? the modification is minor (eg removal of key locks)
??? door handles remain fitted and in serviceable condition.
Note The fitting of a door opening/closing mechanism (which may include the
removal of exterior door handles) that differs from original must be LVV

richms, Jul 5, 10:28am
I got pinged by a place once because a rear door was really really hard to open because the sliding part was all rusty. Had to WD40 the hell out of it to make it smoother before they would pass me.

richms, Jul 5, 10:31am
Oh crap, reading that doc I really should deal to the rust around the bonnet hinges before it gets worse and I get done on that.

terckon, Sep 3, 10:50am
This is correct if the handles have been modified. If the door was not opening from the outside it will be under reasons for rejection like the interior door handles. There is no reason to look under LVV unless they have been modified