Brake disc machining

nztiger83, Jul 5, 1:07am
How much does it usually cost to get 2 front brakes machined!Is it just as cheap to get new/2nd hand rotors!

We are looking at selling our car near the end of the year,what effect does not having these machined/replaced have!

thunderbolt, Jul 5, 1:10am
Price of new rotors depand on the car type.
Hat type rotors are pretty cheap these days.
Machining costs vary, depends who is doing the labour side of the job and if you are paying retail.

You would not bother fitting second hand rotors.

nztiger83, Jul 5, 1:54am
I have a service on the car, and the mechanic said that the rotors had a bad lip on them.

It is a Holden Astra GL 1998

olsod2, Jul 5, 2:06am
you are selling the car let the new owner deal with it.

thunderbolt, Jul 5, 4:30am
Unless you are fitting new pads I would leave them until pads are due.

Unless the steering wheel shakes badly under braking, then it may be worth doing so the potential buyer is not put off on the road test.

mrfxit, Jul 6, 3:35am
Depends on the total KM's
Hardly worth putting brand new rotors & pads on a vehicle thats possibly only got another 10 / 20,000kms on it till dead or scrapped.
Nothing wrong with getting rotors skimmed, thats why the manufactures put wear limit spec's on them.
If it's only a small lip, then that could be left alone or skimmed off real easy

mrfxit, Jul 6, 3:36am
Yep agree

mrfxit, Jul 6, 3:51am
Thanks for rechecking.
Yea most rotors have an excessive amount of safety limits built in as far as wearing goes but it's also partly there to protect against vibration & heat fractures.
Never seen a busted rotor in 35 years but have heard of a hand full over the years.
Seen plenty with heat crazy cracking.

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