Heads up with hilux

spoutman, Jul 13, 10:38am
hey can anyone give me some heads up with buying an07 hilux any probs they are common for this year things to look out for etc.thanks

gadgit3, Jul 13, 10:51am
Check for smoke/engine miss on cold startup. Requires injector seats.
Check water pump for pink staining. Replacment pump all good
Diff noise or oil round rear brake drums. Bearing kit upgraded for diff and larger axles plus wheel bearings 09 onward.
The first of the Euro 4 engines (late 06-08) had engine knock issues that turned out to be ECU mapping for our crap diesel. A simple ECU burn fixed it.
Keep an eye on ya fuel filter these D4 engines dont like water.
Injector seats were copper in the first engines until 2010 the replacements are alloy and seam to be alot better. Due for replacement at 45000km

Apart from that short list ya good to go.

spoutman, Jul 13, 10:57am
thanks very much looking at buying a 07 4x4 4dr ute 170000k 28k just making sure am not throwing money away

mileyfan73, Jul 13, 11:02am
Good trucks.Mate has one,done 254000 ks and drives mint.Has had no issues,other than the stereo LCD display dying.I presume you're looking at a diesel one!The 4.0 petrol are super thirsty!

spoutman, Sep 8, 2:17pm
hey thanks yeah diesel