Brake certification

kaymay88, Jul 14, 5:19am
Hi, Husband is looking to put a motorcycle back on the road, but needs to do a brake certification, something to do with the thickness of discs and stuff (he knows more about it that me)

He said that he understands that a 'mechanically competent person' can fill out the paperwork for it.

He used to own his own engineering business, and did quite a bit of work on bikes, so is more than competent with bikes, but he doesnt know where to find a copy of the form that needs to be filled out.

Does someone have a link to a downloadable copy!

your help will be much appreciated

kaymay88, Jul 14, 10:01am
nobody at all!

sandypheet, Jul 14, 10:27am
He can get one from the likes of AA, Vinz,Vtnz.

dazza135, Jul 16, 8:58am
I know for vehicles they give you all the paperwork when you take it in for its compliance test. But yeah, just phone AA, VINZ or VTNZ as mentioned above

steve312, Jul 16, 10:26am
They check pad and disc rotor thickness and runout as part of the certification process.I don't think you can do the certification yourself though.I am a trade qualified brake specialist and still had to take my bike to the franchise dealer to have it certified by a mechanic that was less qualified than me.Go figure.

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