Can you brake A revlimiter.?

the_chooky, Jul 11, 1:53am
My M8 sez if I hit the revlimiter too much ya can brake it.
Wot I want to know is can ya get it fixed or do I got to buy a new one.!

andrea_w, Jul 11, 1:55am
Rev limit is set within the ECU, it's pretty hard to break a computer by revving an engine.

sifty, Jul 11, 1:56am
NCEA in action.!

tonyrockyhorror, Jul 11, 2:06am
Yep. It's pitiful.

saki, Jul 11, 2:14am
If ya brak it watz the problim beta skidz

fiatracer, Jul 11, 2:20am
skool holz in action

gadgit3, Jul 11, 2:28am
Paeroa Collage yes better learning every one

ffbuksh, Jul 11, 2:37am
You can break anything. :-) Just get the whole dashmeter replaces. Lots of second hand ones on trademe.

jokerboss, Jul 11, 3:29am
dude sounds liek he needs a BOV for his 4age

richardmayes, Jul 11, 3:33am
If you hit your rev limiter too much, you'll go blind.

therafter1, Jul 11, 3:36am
Depends what you hit it with, sponge, no worries, hammer, no good, she'll brake !

lyonruge, Jul 11, 4:22am

rpvr, Jul 11, 4:40am
Give me a break! (or brake, or brak).

kazbanz, Jul 11, 4:42am
I guess it is possible to fit a device that would cause the revlimiter to comeon gently so indeed could be called brakes

cuda.340, Jul 11, 6:10am
i have a burnout limiter, a staging limiter & a top end limiter, all of them are to protect the engine. have been putting them to the test for the past 8 years with no failures. i'd be a tad p!ssd off if they did fail, they're there to do a job.

rob_man, Jul 11, 6:18am
I had a burnout limiter on my 327 MkI Jag, the Lucas petrol pump could only supply about 25m of skid before the carb ran dry. Probably saved the engine from blowing up under the influence of Steinlager.

zak410, Jul 11, 6:21am
I adhere to that !

spottie, Jul 11, 10:58am
Not all rev limiters are electronic, my Alfa has a mechanical one built into the top of the rotor inside the distributor. It can be broken or disabled.

un_known, Jul 12, 5:09am
at least he knows its a rev limiter and not valve bounce.

mantagsi, Jul 12, 10:31am
a bit O/T but I've never quite understood why most folks seem to think that you need to bounce off the limiter doing a burnout, why can't you just hold the engine a few hundred down! surely that fuel cutting in and out / power pulse can't be too kind on the engine & driveline when under load! Mind you I am a quiet driver so I don't really know much about crazy antics on the road :)

cuda.340, Jul 12, 10:43am
actually you tag the limiter & then back off till you're reving just below the limit & hold that rpm whilst your doing your burnout, reving up n down isn't that bad on the drivetrain which isn't actually under full load as your wheels are spinning & not trying to bite in & give you max traction but that pulsing that some idiots do is just sucking up the fuel which under limiter control is just wasted out the exhaust.

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