Terrano starter motor removal.

davesawol, Jul 10, 12:23am
G'day. Anyone have any advice on the best way to access the starter motor! Need to do the bushes and never struck such an awkward thing to access. Makers have very small hands I reckon.

mugenb20b, Jul 10, 12:31am
TD27 diesel! I found that the best way to get to the bottom bolt was from underneath. I removed the bottom engine / diff cover and used a very long extension and a ratchet. Top bolt, from above, not nice. The first time round can be tricky.

davesawol, Jul 10, 1:35am
Thanks mate. Very awkward thing isn't it.

mugenb20b, Jul 10, 5:29am
Yep. But, once you do one or two, then they aren't so bad any more.

snoopy221, Jul 10, 6:08am
Right size extension and power bar and rattle gun.

once you do one or two, then they aren't so bad any more.

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bigfatmat1, Jul 10, 9:02am
and it comes out the top sometimes its easier to remove wheel and little rubber flap to undo the batt supply ect if you have a rattle gun and as above for the rest

skin1235, Jul 10, 9:10am
if you're having trouble with the starter motor, then don't even think about changing the oil filter, thats another of the take the wheel off and remove the rubber flaps jobbies, then grow another 200mm on each arm and another 3 fingers too

bubbles244, Jul 10, 9:21am
the oil filter is easy, get a /fabric/nylon strap an inch wide wind it around the oil filter twice with the left and hand keep the strap tight stick your foot on the tire and pull with the right, un winds right off, remove between body and chassi rail,

put new one on the same way then tighten again using strap but keeping tight with right pull with left

supernova2, Jul 10, 10:30am
Yeah I've got to attack my Navara starter tomorrow as my one won't disengage.Im picking the solinoid is stuffed but going to check the switch before I resort to all the wonderful hints above.

snoopy221, Jul 10, 10:35am
NOTE 1 they are known for 1 loose bolts/bad earth 2 usual age/mileage and worn brushes.
No biggie

snoopy221, Jul 10, 10:38am

supernova2, Jul 10, 12:39pm
Me too but a quick look at the Nav starter position indicates that whilst you can get ya hands in there the tools will still foul the torsion bar etc.Also on mine the leads are on the block side of the starter so looks like it has to come out before the leads can be undone.Bolts all chewed so its been out before.

steve98h, Jul 12, 7:46am
the td27 1s are easy, try doing the v6 1s!

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